Scar Therapyin Los Angeles, CA

Scars detract from your appearance whether they’re due to cosmetic surgery, an illness like chicken pox, or a skin condition like acne. Scar therapy helps our Los Angeles patients treat or prevent scars gradually with either silicone sheeting or reduce the appearance of existing scars more aggressively with laser treatments.

Topical Scar Therapy

The proven method for minimizing scars, either existing scars or newly forming scars, is some form of silicone sheeting. The silicone comes in various forms, such as liquid, tapes, and creams. For smaller scars, products can be found in your local pharmacy.

Curad®, Neosporin®, and other companies have products available that can be used for breast augmentation and liposuction scars. For tummy tucks and breast reduction procedures we suggest a product called Mepiform®.

Mepiform is a thin, flexible, self-adhesive silicone gel sheet that is discreet and comfortable and can be worn easily under your clothes and during most activities. This product helps soften and flatten old and new raised, hardened scars, making them appear smaller, lighter, and less conspicuous.

After your cosmetic surgery procedure you can order the Mepiform at any time, but you will probably not use it until approximately 6 to 8 weeks later. Your nurse or surgeon will let you know when you are ready to use the tape.

Around post-op week 3 or 4 we will have you start massaging the scars twice a day with some form of cocoa butter, we suggest the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Cream or Serum, as it also contains vitamin E. Your local pharmacy should carry this product.

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Laser Scar Therapy

We use the Cynergy™ Cynosure laser to reduce the appearance of scars. This laser combines 2 light wavelengths, the pulse-dye laser (PDL) and Nd:YAG, to penetrate deep into the skin. The PDL targets the surface layers of skin, and then the Nd:YAG penetrates deeper into the scar stimulating collagen production.

Cynosure is the first laser device that can deploy both light wavelengths sequentially during a treatment. The light pulses are spaced within a fraction of a second of each other in a single hand-held device. Because the outer layer of the skin is unharmed, there is little to no downtime after these treatments.

During these quick treatments, most patients experience no discomfort or experience only a slight, brief pinching sensation. Topical anesthesia is available for patients who would like an added degree of comfort. Following treatment, you can return to your normal daily activities without any downtime. Larger scars often require a series of treatments to fully resolve.

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